Photo credit Jaime Boddorff

I started Rokenri in 2013 with my friends Matt Evans and Trevor Wilson. Our early practices were primarily jam sessions held at New Amsterdam Records' former warehouse office/performance space Van Dyke Parks in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Since our humble jam band beginnings, we have played just about a show every month and written over 20 songs, many of which appear on our debut album, Donkey Donkey, which you can listen to below:


Rokenri's songs are a cosmic fusion of rock and electronic arrangements, surrealist lyrics, ambiguous tonality, and infectious melody. The results span from frantic romps to somber meditations.

The name Rokenri comes from an episode of Pings From The Abyss, a podcast I produce. It's a word that Trevor made up while I was interviewing him.

Below are links to a live album we put out in 2014, some live videos, and the official Rokenri website.




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