Assembled on this page is a variety of different projects I have worked on that didn't fit neatly anywhere else.

The first link leads to a sound piece that I contributed to the Satellite Collective's piece Telephone. It is a musical interpretation of a visual collage by Lucy Cheung. I highly recommend you check out the rest of Telephone. You can spend hours lost in the international wealth of interpretative work (maybe even days depending on how fast your internet connection is).

The second leads to a trailer for Transpositions, a dance piece I worked on with Alaska's Momentum Dance Collective. I also wrote the music in the trailer, and performed as a pied piper of sorts on the night of the performance.

The third is a video excerpt from Ballant amb la Memòria, a film by my friends Emma Villavecchia and Colin Hinckley. This segment is titled Tornado, and it features a soundtrack that I wrote when I was 16 on my father's ukulele.

The fourth is to a video of Ruth Nelson's Limit of a Sequence being performed at the Martha Hill theater in Bennington, VT. It features an original score that I wrote for the performance. It also features the fattest bass I have ever used in a song.

The fifth is to a collection of audio works that I wrote for the dance department at Bennington College during my time there as a student. Each of these pieces accompanied the dance performance choreographed by different students.

The sixth and final link leads to The Devil's Kama Sutra, a comic that I wrote with Lauren Gurney, who also illustrated it. It's the story of Sexy Satan, and two sweethearts named Thad and Emma Lee. The comic is on a temporary hiatus, but soon will return to regular updates.

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