I offer private voice, guitar, songwriting, composition, and music theory lessons to beginner and intermediate students of all ages. I am available to meet at your house, and also have a rehearsal studio space where I can host lessons. To schedule a lesson, please contact me at ethanswoods@gmail.com.

Lesson Pricing

1 Hour: $60
45 Minutes: $50
30 Minutes: $40


I have experience in both classical and pop styles of singing, and can provide feedback and technique advice for either. My lessons will be focused on creating and adapting a proper vocal warm-up suited to the student's needs. The student will bring songs they want to learn to sing to our lessons, and we will break down the process of learning, singing, and performing a song with our voice.


In guitar lessons I will focus on the basics. I can teach students to tighten their strumming patterns, fingerpick, understand different chord voicings, play scales, and play along with other instruments like drums, pianos, bass, and more. Additionally, we can talk about the guitar as a compositional instrument, and how to use it to sketch out our music ideas.
I am also able to work with students interested in the banjo, mandolin, and ukulele.


I will work with students to help develop a songwriting process that is comfortable and fruitful for them. Students will bring songs-in-progress to lessons, and we will workshop them together, introducing the idea of reflection into their process. We will go over techniques like chord sequences, riffs, lyrics, and meters, as well as the more philosophical questions of songwriting like "why write a song?", "what is a song?", and "does it have to have lyrics/chords/riffs/etc?"


Students and I will work together to help develop their compositional voice with which they can express their music. We will go over more formal elements, like notation, as well as more abstract ideas, like how to present your work. We can discuss what instruments to compose with, and work on a compositional process that is comfortable and fruitful for the student. I can comfortably provide feedback for classical, electronic, jazz, and experimental compositions.

Music Theory

If a student is interested in brushing up on their music theory, I will provide lessons explaining the basics. We will go over harmonic analysis, rhythm, modes, and more. I will also provide examples of each music theory idea, drawing from a range of different songs and classical works to help cement concepts into the students mind.

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